Waitrose & Partners named the best supermarket to work for in 2022

Did you know that "unexpected item in bagging area" is one of the most frustrating sentences in the English language?😱

We reveal the best and worst supermarkets to work for in the UK according to you, our members. 

The top spot went to Waitrose and Partners who are ranked as the best supermarket employer, closely followed by Aldi in second place and Sainsbury’s in third.

This compared to Iceland, Heron Foods and Farmfoods who made up the bottom three.  

As supermarket jobs often offer good flexibility, fit around an employee’s needs and are a popular choice for students and parents. It’s important that you can easily see the supermarkets that have been ranked highly and fulfil your needs.

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The best to worst supermarkets ranked:

1. Waitrose & Partners (7.4)

2. Aldi (7.14)

3. Sainsbury’s (6.6)

4. Tesco (6.2)

5. Lidl (5.7)

6. Morrisons (5.4)

7. Asda (5.4)

8. Iceland (5.3)

9. Heron Foods (4.9)

10. Farmfoods (4.2)


Your reviews:

“Being trusted to get on with what needs to be done and allowed to just be myself at work.”

Waitrose & Partners Employee, February 2022

“Paid breaks that are enforced to be taken in full, app for rotas, flexible shift patterns.”

Aldi Employee, March 2022

“Early shifts, 5am starts. Also the running of the store can be quite tight at times leaving not many people to run a store. It's still fun though and I enjoy the challenge”

Lidl Employee, July 2021

“Too much to do in the hours you get no one takes their breaks properly because the workload is too big”

Iceland Employee, March 2022

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*Reviews, ratings, rankings and job postings are accurate as of 27th April 2022.

**Rankings are based on reviewed employers with a minimum of 100 reviews with a combined total of 16,380 reviews for this list.

Published on 27 April 2022