The truth about working over Christmas

🎅 Christmas, for many, is a time of celebration, family and food. But for those who have to work over those few weeks, it can be one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year.

We wanted to find out all about what it’s really like to work over the Christmas period so we asked for your experiences.

And here's what we learned. 👀

🍾 We simply couldn’t do a short survey about Christmas at work and not ask whether people got a Christmas party.

Well, we found that just under half of you get a party (COVID permitting) and that 56% of you actually don’t get anything at all.

⏰ Over half of you told us that your hours change over Christmas.

Unfortunately for these people, 88% of them end up working more hours. And to add insult to injury 72% of you who do work over Christmas don’t get any form of bonus or better rate of pay😱.

A shocking 56% of people also aren’t allowed ANY time off during the month of December.

🤔 So what do people actually have to say about working over Christmas?

The best thing about Christmas

Many people seem to love the spirit of the holiday season and being able to help others out:

The best things are the atmosphere and how everyone is just happier and more cheerful and in the Christmas spirit. Also wearing the Christmas jumpers and the Christmas music playing.

But it seems that being overworked is a very common theme

The worst thing is the huge amount of hours and effort demanded from everyone. There is so much overtime to work and we’re all working to a point of burning out due to it being so busy.

And some people just straight up don’t like it: “The best thing is nothing.”.

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Published on 16 December 2021