The truth about shift work

Did you know there are currently 3.8 million shift workers in the UK? 🧑‍🍳

It's a common misconception that shift workers choose these jobs as they offer more flexibility and are a better fit for their lifestyles. 

Our new research in collaboration with our friends over at Surfboard, has discovered that this is simply not the case. In fact shift work often offers less flexibility and could be damaging your health. ❤️‍🩹

We surveyed 5,000 Breakroom members who currently work shifts, so you could tell us the truth about shift work.

The results are shocking.

You told us that:

73% of you work the shift hours as that is when the job needs to be done and not because it fits your lifestyle.

50% of you have no input into your shifts and are unable to schedule them around your life outside work.

56% of you think your shifts are poorly planned and don't take your needs into account.

48% of the shift workers asked told us that they also often have less than 12-hour breaks between shifts. 

A whopping 30% of those asked told us they are doing unpaid overtime. 

Finally, 68% of members asked told us that their physical or mental health has suffered from working shifts.

With nearly 4 million of us Brits currently doing shift work, it’s more important than ever that shift workers can make better-informed decisions about their choice of work. We're on a mission to help our users like you, not just find a job, but find a good job that is right for you. 

* Results based on a Breakroom survey sent to 5,000 registered users in March 2022

Published on 25 March 2022