The top delivery companies ranked

Did you know 160 parcels are generated every second in the UK?* 📦

That’s 14 million per day. 😮 The UK takes the crown for most parcels per person in the world 🥇

Delivering this number of packages requires a lot of staff, with new roles being advertised frequently.

While most people have an opinion on their favourite courier service, have you ever wondered what it’s really like to work there? 

Over 200k frontline workers have told us about their jobs and what it’s really like working there. With this, we’re able to accurately rank the best and worst delivery companies in the UK to work for. 

Who’s at the top?

The top spot went to Royal Mail 📮

Royal Mail has been established since 1516 😱 and they are clearly doing something right. Because not only do customers think they are the best delivery company but so do their employees! 👍

The bottom spot was Hermes 📦

Coming in last was Hermes. Hermes is falling way behind when it comes to employee wellbeing. 👎

Let’s compare the two...

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8. Hermes (score 4.9)

Best thing: Very flexible hours, very local to me, working outdoors, love my customers

Worst thing: No holidays, no sick pay, no breaks, low wages , parcel rate cuts every year, no health and safety, work 6 days a week.

Find out more about working at Hermes

7. Yodel (score 5.3)

Best thing: Meeting new people. Everyday is different.

Worst thing: Early starts, never know what time I’m going finish, stress, lack of understanding from manager and there’s no positivity

Find out more about working at Yodel

6. DPD (score 5.5)

Best thing: Good banter with colleagues

Worst thing: It’s the night shifts are unsociable and it’s a very hard job as in physical lifting parcels to and from the different areas in the warehouse

Find out more about working at DPD

5. DHL (score 6.2)

Best thing: Being left alone to do your job

Worst thing: Work load, health and safety. Lack of duty of care. Injuries.

Find out more about working at DHL

3. Parcelforce Worldwide (score 6.4)

Best thing: Working alone, outdoors in a fantastic location

Worst thing: Can be busy, heavy parcels and shifts can change quickly

Find out more about working at Parcelforce

3. FedEx (score 6.4)

Best thing: Working under own initiative and meeting people all day

Worst thing: Lack of communication from management

Find out more about working at FedEx

2. UPS (score 6.5)

Best thing: Good friendly environment, great pay, hours are good not too early

Worst thing: No point of doing better than anyone else because nobody will recognise the effort

Find out more about working at UPS

1. Royal Mail (score 6.6)

Best thing: Teamwork, good hourly rate, fresh air, beautiful scenery exercise and good customers.

Worst thing: Being overloaded and pressured to go faster. Having to ask to finish on time, being expected to take extra work every shift. Bringing mail back.

Find out more about working at Royal Mail

Looking at delivery driving jobs we know the following:

The good 👍

  • 67% say they enjoy their job 

  • 65% feel they get enough training 

  • 52% don’t feel stressed 

  • 75% say they feel safe at work

  • 81% say it’s good whilst you’re studying 

The bad 👎

  • 78% say they don’t get paid breaks 

  • 66% say there’s no career progression

  • 42% say they get their shifts one week or less in advance 

  • 71% don’t get sick pay

  • 71% say they are paid below-market rates

Find out how your job scores! 

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Did you know 160 parcels are generated every second in the UK?*

* Results based on Breakroom ratings for employers with more than 30 responses, as of March 2022

Published on 2 March 2022