Supermarket Christmas dinner vs hourly pay

Did you know before turkey the preferred Christmas poultry was actually peacock? ūü¶öūü¶É

How much does a supermarket Christmas dinner cost and how long would it take for the staff of that supermarket to earn it? That is the question Team Breakroom are answering today.

Taking the seven basic ingredients of a traditional Christmas dinner; turkey, a stock pot, potatoes, parsnips, red cabbage, carrots, and the controversial Brussels sprouts, the cost per leading supermarket are as follows:

Aldi £22.30

Asda £23.72

Lidl £22.44

Tesco £23.82

Sainsbury's £26.07

Morrisons £29.52

Waitrose £33.25

How does this compare to the hourly pay at these supermarkets?

*Based on staff over 23 years old before any tax and expenses.

Supermarket Hourly pay at supermarket Christmas Dinner cost at supermarket Time taken to earn
Aldi £10.50 £22.30 2 Hours 7 Minutes
Asda £10.10 £23.72 2 Hours 21 Minutes
Lidl £10.90 £22.44 2 Hours 3 Minutes
Tesco £10.30 £23.82 2 Hours 18 Minutes
Sainsbury's £10.25 £26.07 2 Hours 32 Minutes
Morrisons £10.20 £29.52 2 hours 53 Minutes
Waitrose £10.30 £33.25 3 Hours 13 Minutes

Lidl takes the best value and best pay, having increased their entry-level rates from £10.10 to £10.90 just last month.

Aldi has also announced a pay increase to £11 an hour from next January which will make them the top-paying supermarket! This is their 3rd increase in the last 12 months. But as it doesn't happen until January 2023 they are just pipped by Lidl.

Tesco comes in 3rd with 2 hours and 18 minutes almost an hour less than Waitrose who whilst paying the same as Tesco at £10.30 an hour have a Christmas dinner cost of over £33.

Whilst Waitrose came last in the Christmas dinner list, according to Breakroom users they are still the best Supermarket to work for offering flexibility, proper breaks and good benefits.

A close second is Aldi which has a Breakroom rating of 7.2 and offers both paid breaks and £11 an hour from January 2023.

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**Reviews, ratings, rankings and job postings are accurate as of the 9th of December 2022

Christmas dinner costs via Statistica

Published on 9 December 2022