The best employers currently recruiting in and around Liverpool

Did you know Liverpool had the world’s first Passenger Railway Line? 🚂

Breakroom is here to help you... choo-choo-CHOOSE a good job. 🤦‍♂️

We reveal the best places in Liverpool that are currently recruiting according to Breakroom members.

Using the 230,000 employer reviews and rankings provided by members like you we're able to show you not only who is hiring but if they are also rated as a 'good' employer.

Leading the pack of highly rated employers who are currently recruiting in the Liverpool area are:

Tata Steel who are looking to hire Technicians.

IKEA are currently recruiting Sales Assistants and are paying £10.10 an hour.

Waitrose and Partners are recruiting Personal Shoppers and paying up to £10.73 per hour.

Top 10 ‘good’ employers currently looking for staff in and around Liverpool:

1.      Tata Steel

2.      IKEA

3.      SSE

4.      Waitrose & Partners

5.      Travis Perkins

6.      Aldi

7.      Brakes

8.      UPS

9.      Royal Mail

10.   Arnold Clark

There have been lists of the best and worst companies before. Ours is different as it is the first that combines current job vacancies with your rating of the employer. 

New jobs are being advertised all the time so the above list is subject to change. If you are looking for a job in your area and want to see who is highly rated visit our job search page.

*Reviews, ratings, rankings and job postings are accurate as of 22nd March 2022. **Rankings are based on reviewed employers with a minimum of 30 reviews that had active job postings within 25 miles of Liverpool on the 22nd of March 2022.

Published on 25 March 2022