The Best and Worst Places to Work in 2023

Did you know that over 430,000 UK employees have taken the Breakroom Quiz? 

Using these responses to the Breakroom Quiz we're able to reveal the best and worst places to work in 2023. 

The results are based on hourly workers’ experiences, who voluntarily shared anonymous feedback on their employer through the Breakroom Quiz, giving insights into their job, pay, benefits, shifts, and management over the past year.

NATS, formerly known as the National Air Traffic Service, is rated as the best employer in the UK, according to their staff, with a Breakroom rating of 9.1. Manufacturer BAE Systems came in second with a rating of 8.9 closely followed by Unilever as third, also with an 8.9 rating. 

The worst place to work, according to employee reviews, is care provider Comfort Call which had a Breakroom rating of 2.8, followed by Eden Futures (3.3) and Canadian restaurant chain Tim Hortons (3.4)

Anna Maybank, Co-Founder and CEO of Breakroom, commented: 

“Our communities list of the best and worst-rated employers highlights which employers are listening to employees and meeting their needs and the employers that need to improve.

We’ve built the first community-powered jobs platform that helps users not only find a job but also learn what it’s like to work there from people who already do. 

With more job competition for staff in the key sectors of retail, hospitality, logistics and social care than ever before. To attract talent employers must work harder to stand out.

The next generation of job seekers are not just comparing pay and hours but looking at a range of factors including perks like free meals on shifts, staff discounts and reward programmes.

Breakroom gives them access to this information so job seekers can learn about the best employers and find jobs that meet their individual needs and expectations.”

Best-rated places to work in 2023 

  1. NATS

  2. BAE Systems

  3. Unilever

  4. Hitachi

  5. RSA Insurance

  6. TransPennine Express

  7. Bentley Motors

  8. Cummins

  9. Greater Anglia

  10. South Western Railway

  11. Hastings Direct

  12. GKN Aerospace

  13. Transport for Wales

  14. Airbus

  15. E.ON

  16. Sellafield Ltd

  17. Taylor Wimpey

  18. Fire Service

  19. Rolls-Royce

  20. American Express

Worst-rated places to work in 2023

  1. Comfort Call

  2. Eden Futures

  3. Tim Hortons

  4. Max Spielmann

  5. Bodycare

  6. Poundstretcher

  7. Choice Care

  8. Victoria's Secret

  9. Valorum Care Group

  10. McColls

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* This ranking is based on employers with over 30 Breakroom Quiz responses from employees at that employer. 

** All reviews, ratings, rankings and job postings are accurate as of the 28th of December 2022

Last updated on 3 January 2023