Songs to calm you down so you don't quit your job

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Sometimes work gets stressful. In fact, 65% of frontline workers we surveyed told us that they often feel stressed at work. Which is way too high. But in those times when you're feeling overworked or had a bad day, throw on this playlist and get your anger out. Then let it simmer away until you're feeling more positive 😫

This is the second in the series of work playlists. Check out Job Interview Hype here. 🎶

So if you're having a rough day. Play this loud and dance it out! 💃

Check out what songs made the list below👇

1. ABCDEFU - Gayle

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Kicking off the playlist with the ultimate FU anthem. Play this loud and sing even louder to get all those frustrations out!

2. Bad Day - Justus Bennetts

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When you want to vent about your job, maybe your manager has been on your case, or you had a particularly tough customer. Play this loud and imagine you were saying it to them. It's like therapy!

3. GO PHUCK URSELF - Royal & the Serpent

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This is THE song to scream out your anger.

4. i hope ur miserable until ur dead - Nessa Barrett

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Now we are in simmer down mode. But play this loud because you're not ready to let go of that frustration just yet.

5. INDUSTRY BABY - Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow

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Hopefully, at this point in the playlist, your anger has simmered and you're calming down.

6. Good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo

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This song is great to blast out loud and sing every word, and get out that pent up adrenaline. You know you know all the words.

7. The Spins - Mac Miller

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Dance break! Get out of your head and just immerse yourself in this chill song and dance.

8. t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l - WILLOW feat. Travis Barker

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When it comes to songs to calm you down we had to include Willow. Her voice melts away stress.

9. STAY - The Kid, LAROI, Justin Bieber

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Not only will this song calm you down, but it will get you thinking. Should you stay?


Play song here

Play this song loud and try and decide if this job is what you really want? Does it make you happy? Could you be happier?

11. edamame - bbo$, Rich Brian

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This song made the playlist just to give you a confidence boost and to elevate your mood. How could it not?

12. Get into it (Yuh) - Doja Cat

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Doja Cat will not only calm you down but put you on track to being in a good mood.

13. Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish

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Let's get a bit emotional before we fully commit to getting over our bad day.

14. Golden - Harry Styles

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Now all the anger is out of your system, it's time to let Harry Styles take you to your happy place.

15. High Hopes - Panic! At The Disco

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You can't listen to this song and not feel inspired to go out there and make the best out of life.

16. Truth Hurts - Lizzo

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Listen to the full play list here.Naturally, we had to end with Lizzo to remind you who you are! Lizzo has got your back always.

If you still wanna quit your job after these tunes, then you can find a better one here! 🙌

Published on 1 April 2022