Question: Is a long commute worth it?

Did you know, in 2014 a man called Gary drove a 366-mile-a-day commute from Wales to Watford 🤯

It took him 6-hours a day and cost £15k a year 🚙

One of the most searched job questions on the internet is "How far is too far when it comes to commuting?"


This is a question only you can really answer, if like Gary you really love your job and want to do a crazy commute, and you can afford it, then okay!

Our advice, One hour. If the commute is longer than an hour it is likely to have detrimental effects on you life.

Breakroom pro tip: Commuting is a long term commitment, you might think you can handle a long journey in the short term but consider it when you are doing it every day in every season. How is it going to feel in the freezing cold? Sometimes the best job is one that is also convenient. 👍

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Last updated on 10 August 2022