Question: Do I get the day off for the Queen’s funeral?

Do I get the day off for the Queen’s funeral?

Rules of the extra UK bank holiday on Monday 19 September.

King Charles has approved a one-off UK bank holiday on Monday 19 September for the Queen’s funeral.

The King confirmed the order at a ceremony in London proclaiming him monarch, in order to for the British public to commemorate the Queen’s reign and pay their respects.

Does this mean you automatically get the day off?

The answer is... it depends.

The Government announced that the bank holiday will be treated as a "standard bank holiday" – this means there is no statutory entitlement for employers to let their staff have that day off.

If you are unsure talk to your employer and check your employment contract as that might have the answer:

Some contracts might say for example your holiday entitlement is:

  • Bank Holidays + Number of days per year

  • Usual Bank Holidays + Number of days per year

  • Or just a number of days per year with no Bank Holiday entitlement

The Government has said:

“There is no statutory entitlement to time off for bank holidays, but employers may include bank holidays as part of a worker’s leave entitlement.”

As this Bank Holiday has just been announced it is expected that employers will be letting staff know in the coming days if they are expected to work, or if they will be opening special hours.

Other Questions:

If you have to work during the funeral can you take an additional day’s holiday on another day?

The quick answer is no, there is no rule that says this. However, the Government advises people to discuss this with their employer.

If I have work on the day of the funeral will I be paid extra?

There are no rules that say your employer has to pay you extra to work on this Bank Holiday.

If you have booked annual leave on the day of the funeral will you be able to reclaim this leave?

Unfortunately, there are no rules in place for this. The simplest answer is that if you would/could have been required to work it then you probably won't be able to reclaim it. Talk to your employer if you are in any doubt.

Are schools closed for the Bank Holiday?

Yes, Schools will close as part of a special bank holiday.

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Last updated on 10 September 2022