Marks and Spencer to open 20 new shops and create 3,400 jobs

Marks and Spencer have announced they are set to open 20 new shops and create 3,400 jobs.

Marks & Spencer have said that over the next year, they'll open eight new retail stores and 12 new food halls.

Areas getting new stores include Birmingham the Trafford Centre in Manchester, as well as retail parks and high streets across key cities.

Some of the new stores will be the sites of former Debenhams department stores. 

The new food halls will be in areas including Stockport, Barnsley and the seaside town of Largs in North Ayrshire, Scotland.

M&S is currently has a 6.1 rating on Breakroom and is ranked 30th in the best of retail employers in the UK behind IKEA, Lush and John Lewis.

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Last updated on 16 January 2023