Here’s what you told us about your work uniforms

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So if you’re reading this, you probably already know that we sent out a survey asking about people’s experience with uniforms at work. But what did we actually learn? 👀

👔 Whether it’s hi-vis, a t-shirt or anything in between, 89% of you said that you wear a uniform to work.

What we LOVED to see is that 92% of you who wear one, didn’t have to pay for it! And those who did have to pay? Well they typically had to buy things like shoes and trousers.

❌ It’s all good talking about what you have to wear, but what about the things that aren’t allowed?

From jeans, to trainers, to bright or branded clothing, 73% of you said that there’s some stuff you’re banned from wearing. If we’re being completely honest, the full list of things is quite long.

Some people even said that their tattoos have to be covered up and they aren’t allowed to wear any piercings or jewellery.

🤔 So what do people think about their uniform?

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But, there were a good amount of people who weren't fans, with people saying things like:

“Silly. We're only paid minimum wage and the upper managers want us to suffer in suit pants and uncomfy shoes.”


“Terrible, very cheaply made”.

Uniforms definitely aren't the worst thing about some jobs, but there are still steps employers can take to give everyone a better experience at work.

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Published on 10 December 2021