Compare your pay vs a CEO

Did you know that it takes the top CEOs just four days to earn the average UK yearly wage?

Exorbitant CEO pay is one of the major contributors to rising inequality in the workplace and it needs to be addressed.

As the cost of living crisis worsens, the rise in CEO pay is causing rows over the increasing pay gap between frontline workers and senior executives.

According to the Economic Policy Institute the average CEO pay has grown by 1,322% 📈since 1978. During the same time, the pay for frontline/shift workers has grown by just 18% 📉

There is a similar pattern in the UK too. On average it takes just four days for a FTSE 100 CEO to earn the equivalent of a UK frontline worker's annual salary.

To highlight just how much some well-known CEOs are paid compared to their workers we've created a tool that enables you to compare your pay.

We looked at the 2021 earnings of CEOs from leading UK companies and compared this with the average key worker pay from the same company to reveal how much higher their pay is.

Check out our new interactive tool here - and see how your pay compares.

You vs a CEO

Our tool reveals not all CEOs, are equal, with the amounts that they and their employees earn dramatically varying.

From 12x to 14,000x the difference in CEO compared with frontline pay is staggering.

Bet 365 CEO, Denise Coates took home a whopping £298,600,000 last year. Meaning she earned 14,244 times more than her own staff's pay. Compare this to the NHS Chief Executive, Amanda Pritchard, who took home £260,000, 12 times more than frontline NHS staff who are earning £10.90 an hour.

There are serious questions to be asked when it comes to CEO pay as we believe no CEO should be earning hundreds or thousands of times their own workers' pay and profits need to start filtering down to all workers and not just staying at the top.  

*Data, reviews, ratings and rankings and job postings are accurate as of July 2022. **Full data available here

Last updated on 27 July 2022