The data behind our tool

The data behind our tool

We looked at the 2021 earnings of CEOs from well-known companies and compared this with our average frontline worker pay from the same company to reveal how much higher their pay is to their employees.

Average frontline worker pay was sourced from

The annual salary (gross income before tax) was then worked out using a salary calculator tool (assuming 37.5 hours a week, 52 weeks a year).

How our average frontline pay works

We've collected pay data from over 300,000 frontline workers who've taken our quiz. We have collected data from employees who are all 16+ earning minimum wage for their age bracket and used it to find the average employee pay.

Some of the calculated median employee pay may appear under £9.50 (The minimum wage for over 23-year-olds) as they are employing and paying the minimum wage for those under 23.

Name Age group Pay per hour
National Minimum Wage Under 18* £4.81
National Minimum Wage 18-20 £6.83
National Minimum Wage 21-22 £9.18
National Living Wage 23 and over £9.50
CompanyCEOEarnings/ pay (£)NotesSourceAverage worker pay (p/h £)"Annual worker pay (£ gross income)"SourceCEO earns X their workers’ pay
Bet 365Denise Coates298,600,000*base pay + bonusesThe Times.10.7520,963Breakroom14,244
BTPhilip Jansen2,630,000*base pay + bonuses + pensionErieri.com11.9023,205Breakroom113
GreggsRoger Whiteside1,900,000*base pay + bonuses The Guardian 9.0617,667Breakroom108
JD WeatherspoonJohn Hutson813,000*base pay + pensionErieri.com9.1817,901Breakroom45
NHSAmanda Pritchard260,000*base payDaily Mail10.9021,255Breakroom12
OcadoTim Steiner58,700,000*base pay + bonuses + pension / 2019Wikipedia10.5220,514Breakroom2861
Royal MailSimon Thompson596,400*base pay + pensionWikipedia.org11.7522,913Breakroom26
Sainsbury'sSimon Roberts1,320,000*base pay + bonusesRetail Gazette9.6618,837Breakroom70
Sports DirectMichael Murray1,000,000*base payReuters6.6913,046Breakroom77
TescoKen Murphy4,740,000*base pay + bonusesSky News9.7719,052Breakroom249
WhitbreadAlison Brittain895,000*base pay (gave up her bonus of £729k for 2021)This is Money9.1617,862Breakroom50

*All data was collected in June 2022. 

Last updated on 20 July 2022