7 quick tips for getting a job interview

Did you know that 76% of job applications are rejected because they were submitted from an unprofessional email address?* 

We’re looking at you 👀 TaylorSwiftLover83@gmail.com 💃 

If you are looking or applying for jobs right now, we’ve put together a few quick tips to help you secure that all-important first-round interview.  

1. Apply for jobs you actually want.

It may seem obvious, however, it is easy to see a lot of job adverts online and respond by applying for everything and hoping for the best.🤞

But does working in a warehouse suit you? Do you want to be a barista? Do you want to work shifts or fixed hours?

Save yourself some time upfront and make sure you are applying for a job that is right for you, and that you want.

2. Sort your CV out. 

We’ll be sharing our top CV tips soon, however, keep it short, focus on your achievements. Make it relevant for the job you’re applying for and most importantly, don’t lie! 🤥 

Also, if you don’t have one create a professional email address to send applications from, it'll also prevent you from missing any important emails.

3. Research the company. 

Don’t know your H&M from your B&Q? 👗 🔨

Do a little research, check out their website, look at their social media, find out how their current staff rate them on Breakroom. This will help keep your CV relevant and also help you understand if this is the sort of place you want to work. 

4. Spell check. ✔️

Mistakes are easy to overlook and it's hard to proofread your own work. Take a few mins to double-check your CV, cover letter or application form.

Even better, get a friend to give it the once over, or use Grammarly which is free to download and will quickly highlight any obvious spelling or grammar mistakes. 🤓

5. Keep a list of where you’ve applied.

Job adverts are all over the place, it is very possible you’ll see the same job advertised in multiple places.

Keep a list of the jobs you’ve applied for, so you don’t end up sending your CV multiple times to the same person. 📝

It’s not efficient, it could harm your chances of getting an interview, plus you’ve already applied. Spend your time focusing on what other roles are currently hiring. 

6. Follow-up but don’t pester.

This one is tough to balance correctly. 🤹

Once you’ve sent your CV, you should feel free to follow up to make sure they got it and use it as an opportunity for them to ask additional questions or for you to highlight your availability.

Our tips for doing this are, to keep it short, be polite and positive, and use this as your opportunity to let your personality shine through. 

7. Stay positive.

Applying for jobs can be stressful and it can also be quite disheartening, unfortunately, not all companies are as good at responding as they should be. 😣 

You’ll get rejections for roles you think you’re perfect for, or "sorry you’re not what we are looking for right now" emails. It is perfectly normal to feel deflated by this, just remember this isn’t a reflection on your abilities, companies are often looking for specific things that are not always clear in the advert.

Even billionaires such as Elon Musk and Jack Ma had their share of job rejections with Jack once having been the only one out of 24 applicants not to get a job at KFC. 🤦

So, take a deep breath and just keep going, you'll get there.  

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We believe that everyone should have the right to know what a place is really like before they start.

So share your review, and see how it compares.

And when you secure that interview, make sure you listen to our playlist of motivational songs to listen to before a job interview to boost your confidence.

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*76% of resume rejections are due to unprofessional email addresses.

Published on 8 February 2022