3 Difficult interview questions and how to answer them

Difficult interview questions and how to answer them?

These are three of the most common interview questions, but how should you answer them and are they actually trick questions?

Why should we hire you?

What didn’t you like about your last job?

Why do you want to work for us?

Why should we hire you?

This is an opportunity to talk about your previous work experience and how this makes you a good fit for the job you are applying for.

Telling the interviewer that you're a strong swimmer when you're applying to be a barista isn't helpful! ☕️

If this is your first job, talk about your personal strengths such as; being a team player, responsible and a good communicator.

Top tip: Always try and match your experience and strengths with the job you're applying for.

For example; if you are applying for a job in hospitality you'll need good people skills.

What didn’t you like about your last job?

Never trash-talk your previous employer! This is another opportunity to sell yourself by talking about how you deal with difficult situations.

For example, say something like;

In my last job, we could have difficult customers, this taught me the skills needed to provide them with excellent customer service.


My last job was frequently busy and this taught me how to multitask effectively and prioritise my work.

Why do you want to work for us?

Learn as much as possible before the interview about the company!

Check their profile on Breakroom so you know how your skills and personality will fit in the company and what they are looking for.

You're hired

Use Breakroom to find a job that meets your needs.

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*Data used in this blog post is from 19th January 2023

Published on 19 January 2023